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Bounce houses aren’t just for tigers! Learn about the advantages of bouncy castles for toddlers and children.

Bouncy castles have been around for a long time, with larger versions typically available for use at fairs and carnivals and smaller versions available for rent or purchase for home use.

While even adults admit they’re a lot of fun to jump around in, are there any real benefits to bouncy castles for kids? Sure thing! For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

Excellent Workout

One of the primary advantages of bouncy castles for kids is that they are an excellent way to encourage exercise or aid in weight loss.

Even children with normal body weight require regular exercise, and creating an exercise routine for a child is nearly impossible.

While children will require some adult supervision, they can essentially bounce on their own and easily achieve the recommended 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, three times per week.

My boys could bounce around outside for an hour. They arrive drenched and HAPPY!

Add soft plastic balls or stuffed animals to the bouncy castle for added fun. Let the mayhem begin!

Encourages Social Interaction

Although children can clearly have fun jumping alone, bouncy castles tend to attract other children for what seems like miles around.

Who doesn’t enjoy playing with others? It’s the ideal reason to get together with friends.

Of course, children must learn to take turns, play well with one another, and be aware of their actions so that they do not collide while playing.

Clear rules should be explained about how many children can be on at one time, as well as any other rules, such as whether or not shoes are permitted.

Fantastic Sensory Outlet

Some children simply must jump! In fact, their internal sensory system requires it.

My boys’ systems most emphatically do! Throughout the year, we keep a mini trampoline in the family room.

Bouncing can be a great way to self-regulate, whether you’re trying to calm down or wake up your system.

Gets Children Outside

Yes, we all have days when we just can’t seem to get the kids out of the house. There’s not much you can do to get a jumpy house to burn off some energy.

Go outside and enjoy the sunshine, some exercise, and some fresh air.

And while you’re getting the kids outside, get yourself outside as well!

Rental costs are reduced.

While this may be more of a benefit for parents, renting a bouncy castle can cost several hundred dollars per day, while purchasing one can cost between $300 and $400, depending on size.

The castle has already paid for itself after only two uses. I can’t tell you how many parents I know who just bought one for the summer.

The fan, the castle, and the appropriate electrical cord or breaker should all be included in new bouncy castle kits.

Bouncy castles provide hours of entertainment and exercise for both children and adults.

While renting is an option, purchasing a bouncy inflatable castle rental singapore is probably the best option for endless amounts of fun.