3D glass plank road fragmentation special effects


In recent years, glass plank road transparent LED interactive screens have emerged, and major scenic spots have followed suit. So how to use glass plank road LED transparent screens, let’s take a look at it together:

Since the glass plank road is used outdoors on mountains or cliffs, the use of LED transparent screens will be more suitable, and it will not affect the occlusion of the glass plank road, and tourists rarely travel in bad weather, so the brightness of the LED transparent screen should be sufficient. reach more than 4500. Otherwise, as soon as the sun comes out, the display effect will be unreal, and there is still a tempered glass on the screen.

How to achieve the special effect of 3D glass plank road fragmentation?

Usually the most common glass plank road is the special effect of broken glass. This effect is very simple to achieve. The broken glass under the tempered glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent LED display. Technically, the developed induction radar needs to be used with special software. , When a person walks into the induction area, the radar sends an instruction, and the special effect is triggered, playing the picture and even the audio of broken glass.

And this special effect must give people a sense of suddenness, that is to say, what you see in the distance is a picture that is similar to the bottom of the glass plank road, and you can’t see any difference from other glass plank roads on the side. Only people’s feet step in In this area, the special effect of broken glass came out, giving people a sense of shock that was caught off guard.

In summary, the 3D glass plank road fragmentation effect LED interactive screen is a new technology that perfectly combines LED transparent screen and radar, adding more fun to life.

Diagram of related wiring methods of LED transparent screen


With the continuous development of economy, LED transparent screen has been widely used, and its transparent and cool display effect is widely praised by customers. So, how should we use LED transparent screen in our daily life? Let’s follow the editor to understand the wiring method of the LED transparent screen.

Generally speaking, the wiring method of the LED display refers to the power cable and network cable (also known as the signal cable) of the display screen. In most cases, the power cable and the network cable are separated, and they follow their own wiring. As a rule, the power cable is connected to the circuit, and the network cable is connected to the computer or control box. Of course, there are also some manufacturers or products that use the two-in-one setting of the power and signal lines, which can reduce the workload of the introduction for users. Specifically, let’s talk about the wiring simulation diagram of the LED transparent screen.

LED transparent screen wiring method description

The blue line in the above figure represents the wiring method of the power line, and the red line represents the wiring method of the signal line.

1. Transparent LED screen power cable routing

As shown in the figure, the screen and the power supply system are connected by the main power line, and the box and the box are connected in series through the power line wiring to ensure the normal power supply of the entire screen.

2, LED transparent screen signal line routing

As shown in the figure, the screen and the control system are connected through the main signal line, and the box and the box are connected in series through the signal line wiring to ensure the normal signal input of the entire screen.

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How does the LED display cope with the high temperature test?


Summer is coming, for LED displays, in addition to lightning strikes, we must also pay attention to the high temperature in summer, especially outdoor LED displays. In some provinces and cities, the outdoor temperature in summer is sometimes as high as 38°, 35°, and the LED display is still working continuously. Will the LED display be dangerous at such a high temperature?

Let’s talk about how the LED display can cope with the high temperature test from three points.

1. Excellent material selection

The LED display is composed of a mask, a circuit board, and a bottom shell. The waterproof glue used for the fireproof and moisture-proof LED display is also an important part of the LED display. The mask and bottom shell are all made of quality-proven PC glass fiber material with flame retardant function. The circuit board is sprayed with black three-proof paint to prevent weathering and corrosion.

2. Solve the problem of heat dissipation

The larger the area of ​​the LED display screen, the more power used, and the more obvious the heat. In addition, the sun is strong in summer, and the high temperature outside makes it difficult to dissipate heat.

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, it is necessary to adjust the appearance design and internal structure of the LED display screen, adopt a hollow design, and design the circuit board with high density and high precision. The interior adopts a macro-permeable design, which does not produce accumulated rain and does not cause the danger of short circuit of wires. No fan is added to reduce the load of the LED circuit, and the combination of inside and outside can achieve high-efficiency heat dissipation.

3. Installation Specifications

LED displays are high-power electrical appliances and are prone to short circuits. However, the LED display screen with real quality has eliminated the short circuit phenomenon from the wire material to the structure. However, a little carelessness and negligence in the installation process may cause unexpected dangers. In order to ensure safety, the manufacturer needs to guide the installation throughout the process, ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected, ensure that the circuit connection is firm, and at the same time remove flammable substances around the LED display. And regularly arrange professional and technical personnel to test and check the LED display.

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